Women’s Cardigans – Stylish For Every Occasion

Women’s Cardigans are a kind of sweater, cover-up or clothes that open in the front and could either close with buttons or a zipper.

Women’s cardigans are more common than ever with new materials, styles and patterns for both youthful and elderly women.

Animal and Lace Cardigan

This is not a sweater but is still viewed a cardigan because it is a small jacket-type cover-up or overshirt with a beautiful black lace decoration near the top of the shirt. For more information about Women’s Cardigans, you can also visit:


Merino Ethereal Ruffle Cardigan

This is not actually viewed a sweater even though it is composed of wool and it is a women’s Cardigan. It is a light rose shirt-like cover-up with a gentle ruffle running up both sides of the crinkled chiffon silky cardigan and extending around the flounce neckline.

REI Kahlo Cardigan Sweater – Women’s

This women’s Cardigan is a smart choice for work, dinner and a film or a walk in the park. The material is a fabric ‘blend’ of various textiles and needs hand washing and flat drying.

Shaker Cardigan Sweater

This women’s Cardigan is warm, cosy and stylish with a shawl collar, enhancing and slimming longer length – 30 inches long, detachable shoulder pads, side vents and front pocket.