Why is Forskolin so popular?

Forskolin is extracted from the roots of Indian Coleus plant. Scientists started doing research on this product in 1974 when they found out many health benefits of this product. Forskolin is being used from ancient times to cure heart disorders, manage high blood pressure & treat patients who are suffering from asthma. Forskolin activates the enzyme adenylyl cyclase & it also increases the amount of cAMP present in our body.

Forskolin can also help to treat allergies and skin conditions like eczema. Other medical ailments that are treated using Forskolin include urine infection, bladder infections, obesity, sleeplessness, blood clots, convulsions, etc. Forskolin if used regularly can help to keep the lungs and heart healthy. Forskolin is very effective for treating asthma. You should only buy pure forskolin for best results.

Glaucoma has also been treated using forskolin. Extracts from Coleus forskohlii are increasingly being used by herbal product manufacturers as Forskolin is reliable and trust worthy. Forskolin controls your blood pressure and increases your metabolism. Forskolin can help people who are suffering from obesity. It burns the excess fat and converts it into energy. The recommended dosage of Forskolin ranges from 25 to 60 mg. Forskolin should only be used if recommended by the doctor.