What Are The Uses Of Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels?

They’re used in aircraft assembly plants, automobile assembly plants, and hefty equipment/moving gear manufacturing plants.

The most important thing is that heavy duty casters enable employees to move heavy components and assemblies to different areas inside the plant with a great deal more ease making manual function less strenuous to the rear of your workers.

Heavy-duty casters are crucial for both dollies and platform trucks

You would not have a car with no wheels. Likewise, you would not have a dolly or stage truck with no casters. Heavy-duty casters are crucial for effective operation of for such material-handling gear. Air Casters are similar to all other type casters.

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Deciding what type of heavy duty caster you will need to your dolly or stage truck is something which a Douglas Equipment agent can help you with as most our material-handling gear can be custom-manufactured to your company’s specific intent.

But we’ve got an extensive online catalogue of impressive material-handling gear which you simply shop out of our site.

It is well worth noting that carts used at the production process also use heavy-duty casters, plus they are also utilized in the aerospace and aircraft production procedure to transfer large work pieces, assemblies and gear. Another interesting use for heavy duty casters is on plane hangar doors.

Heavy-duty casters for hangar doors might function as stiff selection, but they need to support the burden of the immense doors. The doors have to be readily moved by a couple of people, or with an automated change.