What Are The Different Types Of Hamster Toys

Hamsters are tiny, low-maintenance creatures, but that doesn’t mean you can just leave them alone or neglect them. Other than the obvious needs of food and water, hamsters also need to be kept active and entertained with toys. Cats may have a ball of yarn, dogs have their chew toys, and hamsters need something as well. Don’t worry, the toys don’t have to be overly complicated, either.

You can easily find a variety of toys in pet stores that are made for hamsters. Tubes and plastic boxes are a chew-proof way to provide entertainment for any hamster. Wood chips or shredded paper are an endless source of entertainment as well. Tubes from the same manufacturer are often capable of being connected to create a fun little maze for your hamster. Chew toys are also a necessity to keep their teeth healthy and to wear them down (otherwise they keep growing out indefinitely). There are many things you can buy for your hamster, and these are only a few examples.

A staple of any hamster cage is an exercise wheel made from plastic or metal. Hamsters need to exercise, and what better way than to provide them a tool in which they can run and play on. However, keep in mind that hamster are nocturnal animals, and giving them a wheel means you can probably expect them to run at night, so keep your hamster cage away from any bedrooms or else you may never get a moment’s rest.

In order to house all of these nice toys, the hamster cage you plan on storing them in must be of an adequate size. The general rule of them is that each hamster should have their own cage about two cubic feet in size. Any smaller and they will be too cramped. Popular cages for hamsters are aquarium cages, or for those with a limited budget, a large plastic bin can suffice as well. For more information on great hamster cages, check out hamsterhelper.com.