Water – The New Biggest Growing Cause Of Cancer

Well, world is becoming the home of weird stories and this is one of them.  Have you ever imagined this? The life savior can become the biggest cause of incurable disease i.e cancer. I know how it sounds, it was weird for me also but being an environmental activist, my team and I were researching on tap water and bottled water and its effects on human being from last 10 years.

Different studies conducted by EPA and WHO now proves that the bottled water contains minor plastic components in it, which can be said as one of the reasons behind cancer. Specifically if we talk about tap water, there are several dangerous impurities and chemicals mixed in these supplied water due the pollution and the supplying system. In 1962, United States Public Health Service (PHS) recommended that the water supplies should contain fluoride only between 0.7 and 1.2 milligram/liter. The US Environmental Protection Agency known as EPA also set the secondary standards of not more than 2.0mg/L of fluoride allowed.

The researches done by US National Toxicology Program (NTP) in 1990, states the cancer-causing potential in fluoride mixed water tested on male rats.  Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer, which can be caused through fluorine. Fluoride makes the cells in the growth plate to grow faster, which could become cancerous.  In 1987, A research placed by the agency which is the part of WHO (International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)) declare fluorides has carcinogenicity (ability to cause cancer).

Different steps were taken to decrease the quantity of fluoride in water supplies. It is right that Fluoride somehow helps in preventing the tooth decay but we cannot deny the possibility caused through fluoride.

Therefore, some important steps ought to be taken to prevent these cancer causing components coming through our taps. The contamination and harmful components of water should completely banned and these can only be possible by getting a whole house water system for over all protection of house. This not just going to prevent you from danger of contaminated water but will also help make your family 80 times healthier. So go ahead, adopt purity by taking whole house water filters for your house, today. Know more about whole house water filters at cleanairpurewater.com, etc.