Visiting the Marijuana Dispensaries

According to CNN, DC and four other states in the US allow legal recreational marijuana while 20 states permit medical marijuana. In Oregon, both are allowed. Until December 31, 2016, medical portland dispensaries could also cater to those looking for recreational marijuana.  

What To Expect 

If you are visiting any of these dispensaries, you should expect that it could have a menu you can use as guide in shopping. A dispensary can have many products to offer from flowers to concentrates and to laced edibles.

If you are not sure what to buy, the budtender would certainly be pleased to assist you. These budtender are trained at what they do, including answering customers' questions.

Another thing to expect when visiting dispensaries is to be prepared to spend significant amount of money. Before state and local taxes are added, the cost of recreational marijuana could be roughly $18 for a part of an ounce. Remember that taxes can go as high as 20%. Products offered by marijuana dispensaries are also required to be sold in childproof packaging. The container might also be required to be see-through or transparent. Before you light up in the store, make sure that you are allowed to do so because the law might only permit the trading, but not the smoking of weed in the premises. You might need to go outside to smoke. Yet, you could ask if you can vaporize your cannabis concentrate inside since it is not smoke, only vapor. Edibles might also be allowed to be consumed inside the dispensary.