Traffic Boom Barrier

Automated Godrej Boom Barriers offer efficient Safety at the entrance and the entrance points of Factories, Office Complexes, Condominiums, Parking lots, Toll tax plazas or some other road way entrance where moderate to heavy traffic is likely to it ensures that your security for the own buildings, Digital Accessories etc.

Just about all of the automated road hurdles are an essential portion of the reliable traffic control system that’s seeing rising usage daily by day all around the globe.The Boom Barrier is triggered either with one touch push button or remote controller.Steel barrier(which is also known as”แผงเหล็กกั้น” in the Thai language) are also mandatory to control road traffic system

In the event there is Vehicles that the Boom Barrier’ s discretionary ray detector offers further Protection.  Double speed and electronic braking of this trail Barriers maximize time and optimize safety.These exceptional features of this trail obstruction ensure quick opening and closure of this flourish using soft landing.

The street Barriers have a excellent choice since they can possibly be incorporated in to or connected with some variety of remote techniques.Such cases are Automatic Number Plate Recognition System, token system wherein, even standard difficulty tokens and sometimes even large security tokens can possibly be incorporated in to the current system