Tips For Planning Your Next Team Building Event

An Overview of 5 Integral Steps

Which Help in Making Team Building Events Successful

Team building events can be quite helpful in improving employee morale, and enhance communication between employees and the management so that everyone can work together towards achievement of organization's goals. But to make such events successful you need to make proper plans, define objectives to be achieved and factor in other considerations. As such we will be looking into some of the steps you need to take to make the event successful.

Steps in Planning Team Building Activities

Set Objectives – Assess Requirements – Select Teams – Pick Theme – Post Event Analysis

Step I: Define Objectives to Achieved

team building eventsSome of the objectives team building events should try to accomplish would include:

  • Develop stronger bonds between team members who are geographically dispersed.
  • Reduce misunderstanding between departments and within organizational levels.
  • Facilitate better communication between departments and teams.
  • Analyze strategies for reducing duplication of work and red tape.
  • Create new strategies which help in resolving business issues as well as overcome challenges.
  • Learn ways of managing projects within defined time frames.

Step II: Determine Requirements for the Event

After you have clear idea about objectives to be achieved, you will have to determine:

  • How many participants will be taking part in the event?
  • What would be the budget and time frame for the event?
  • Are there any particular dietary needs of team members? Any allergies?
  • Will the organization require professional assistance for location scouting?
  • Are there any physical constraints or disabilities to keep note of?

Step III: Work on Selection of Teams

Few of the steps you need to take while selecting teams would consist of:

  • Mix team members from different departments, organizational levels as well as geographical areas.
  • Build teams according to learning styles of team members.
  • Provide opportunity of working together to team members.
  • Allow junior members the chance to function as team leaders during team building events.

Step IV: Pick Up a Theme

You can make team building events interesting by selecting a theme for such events. After theme is selected, it becomes a lot easier to choose the other details such as:

  • Right Venue
  • Session starters
  • Music and video clips
  • Graphics and handouts
  • Menu items

The main idea should be of letting content as well as objectives work as driving force for selection of theme. 

Step V: Post Event Analysis

You need to perform an analysis after event finishes to understand whether it was able to achieve desired objectives or not. Your aim should be to find answers for following questions:

  • Did debriefing of activities helped team members understand how activities are to be performed?
  • Did planning or business exercises occurred as planned?
  • How the event helped the business?
  • Has team interaction or performance improved after the events?

A Final Note

To conclude it can be said that without proper planning and a well defined strategy team building events cannot provide desired results. You need to keep in mind the objectives to be achieved and select events which help accomplish those objectives.