Things To Check In Determining If Bedbug Treatment Is Needed

Bedbugs are oval, small, brownish insects which live on blood of humans or animals with the adult having flat bodies similar to how big an apple seed is. However, after feeding their bodies will swell and become reddish in color. They do not fly but could move over ceilings, walls, and floors quickly. Hundreds of eggs may be laid by the female over their lifetime.

Bedbugs are mainly active at night and bite people usually while they are asleep and they do this by piercing the skin then withdrawing blood with their elongated beak. They feed in three to ten minutes and crawl away unnoticed after being engorged. Their bites are normally painless at first though it would later become itchy welts so hire Toronto bedbug treatment companies to remove them.

Fortunately, even though they are considered as a nuisance, diseases are not transmitted through them. They can enter your home with used items like couches, beds, clothing and luggage, helped by their flat body which enables them to fit in small spaces. Unlike bees or ants, they do not have a nest though they live in groups normally.

They hide initially in places like headboards, bed frames, box springs and mattresses because they could easily access their source of food at night which are people. They might scatter though after some time, even to rooms or apartments nearby. Their presence is not a sign that your home is dirty since they feed on blood.

Their bites are normally found on skin areas that were exposed while you were asleep and differs from flea bites by have no red spots in the middle. When people are bitten by them, they do not realize this immediately because they tend to blame mosquitoes and other reasons. In order for you to confirm this, you should find the bedbugs first.

There are some signs to help you know that you have been bitten by bedbugs which includes waking up with itchiness on areas which were not itchy before you sleep. Another sign of having them is if you are sleeping on a used bed or near used furniture during when the bite started. Having blood stains on your pillowcases or sheets is an indication as well.

Your walls, bed clothes, mattresses and sheets may have some rusty or dark spots due to their excrement. Their hiding place has shed skins, egg shells or fecal spots also and a musty odor caused by their scent glands. If you have seen some of these signs and suspect that an infestation is there then remove all bedding.

You must carefully check for signs that the bug is there, even just their excrement, and examine also the seams in wood framing of box springs after the dust cover was removed. You could peel the fabric back which is stapled to it. Inspect too the surrounding areas of the bed like radios, telephones, books and electrical outlets even.

If sings of infestation are found and you are now certain of their presence then try to get rid of them. Call professional exterminators for this job. They will know what to do in solving this problem.