The Types of Massage Courses

Massage therapy is a diverse field of treatment, with different kinds of practices. If you want to learn massage therapy as a skill, you should be aware of the numerous courses available and the details of what each course offers. Here are some of the most popular types of massage courses.

Courtesy: Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy and Beauty

Deep-Tissue Massage

Known as a 'hard' form of massage, deep-tissue massage is a technique used to relieve pain from joints and connective tissues throughout the body. In this method, slower strokes are used to obtain a more intense kind of massage. This type of massage is used to treat people who suffer from medical conditions that induce chronic pain, such as muscle spasms or postural problems.

Swedish massage Therapy

This form of massage therapy has proven to be an ideal stress-reliever. Based on the western approach to physiology and anatomy, Swedish massage therapy is performed with less intensity than deep-tissue massage, as this technique treats stress as opposed to physical conditions.  You can take apply for a tafe massage course in Sydney to learn the Swedish massage technique.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Being a softer form of massage, hot stone massage therapy is both easy to learn and perform. This technique involves the use of hot stones to relieve tension and stress from the patient's body. Warm stones, usually made of basalt which is a good retainer of heat, are placed at certain points on the body by the therapist. The warmth seeps into the patient's body, loosening muscles and relieving tension.

Massage therapy can be used to help people, treating different types of conditions. You should learn about the various techniques before making a decision on which course to pursue.