The Strong Fliers-Pigeons

Wild birds are a source of amusement for us. These Birds fly in the air, have brightened colors that attract us towards them and they produce types of sounds that make our environment beautiful.

Birds have quite a few of adaptations that allow them to make it through in several types of habitats. They are cosmopolitan and are also beneficial to the human beings in a number of ways.

Pigeon is one such chicken which is not only beautiful in its look but is also a symbol of peace. Pigeon belongs to the phylum Chordata and class Aves. Its family is Columbidae. Pigeons and doves are accountable for comprising the family Columbidae with the order Columbiformes.

There are about 300 species of passerines are known. In common speaking, the doves and pigeons are being used together for describing one of the birds. Columbidae is present around the world but the major species are present in the Indomalaya and Australasia ecozones. The young pigeons are called as squabs. Apart from this,  If you want to Learn How to chase pigeons on the roof (which is also known as ” วิธีไล่นกพิราบ บนหลังคา ” in the Thai language) visit online websites.




Pigeons have strong bodies with short necks, having slender bills and fleshy cere. The common species of pigeon generally available in the localities is the feral Rock and roll Pigeon. Pigeons would rather make their nests with the aid of supports and other debris which may be put on the trees, ground and on the spaces of buildings depending on the species.

Pigeons differ in body size in line with the species. The greatest species of pigeons are the crowned pigeons of New Guinea which can be about the size of a turkey evaluating about 2-4 kilograms. The particular smallest species are the ground doves of the genus Columbina which are almost equivalent to the size of the house sparrow and weighing about 22 grams.

Distribution and Environment

The pigeons have the ability to survive every type of habitat available on the planet. The major number of species is found in the tropical forests and the woodlands where are adapted to the arboreal, terrestrial and semi-terrestrial refuge.