The Importance of Dance Etiquette!

Now, let’s start practicing dance floor etiquette! This is normally taught in dance schools when preparing dancers for competitions and events. Most dancers and most styles of dancing can be brought to the dance floor at the same time. We have to follow traditional dance floor etiquette. Always remember to be polite and everyone will have a great time dancing.

The two lanes of dancing

Those dances that move in a continuous forward movement should be dancing in the outer lanes. There are normally two lanes depending on the forward movement of the dancers, the lane on the outside is the fast lane and the lane on the inside is the slow lane. Progressive dancers generally have the right of way but are not allowed to cut through the center of the floor.

The center of the floor is where line dancers, spot dancers and position dancers are held.

This is what makes floor etiquette a must to know and should be followed by all dancers in order to keep everything moving smoothly.


If we follow the golden rule of dancing that is taught to us in dance schools, then everyone of us can enjoy a fun night of dancing.