The beautiful North of Cebu

From the title itself, we are going north of Cebu island but we are stopping along the way there. Mind you, these places are good especially for educational tour.


First stop is the Casa Gorordo which is located Lopez Jaena, Cebu. This is an old house wherein the first Filipino bishop in Cebu lived. At present, the house is a museum where old relics are situated in. There are paintings and antique furnitures in the place. The place was declared as one of the historical landmarks of the nation.

Archival’s Eco house is the next destination. This eco house was designed by Engr. Nestor Archival, a professional electrical engineer. His house reaped rewards locally and even internationally. The house is environmental friendly, from the moment you reach the gate you will be surrounded with vast plants of different kinds. What made it unique was the installation of facilities that are concentrated in saving our mother nature.

Mactan Aquarium from the name itself is located in Mactan. It is the only public aquarium in the Visayas region. The aquarium offers a wide range of different species of fish. You can tour around the place and be amazed with all the sea creatures you will encounter. Some of them you can touch like the starfish but handle it with care.The place caters for around 1,000 animals which include sea horses, jelly fishes, reef sharks, sea slugs, water snakes and even coral reefs.

The famous Mactan Shrine holds the statue of the great Cebuano hero Lapu-lapu. The place reminds us of the Battle of Mactan that took place in 1521 between the Spanish invaders and the Visayan native people. You can also buy souvenirs and stuffs in the area since there are available stalls that offer it.

The Magellan Monument is also built in the same place just at the back of Lapu-lapu Shrine. On one side, Magellan’s name was written, the other side is a dedication which is “Spanish glory”. On the third side is Don Miguel Cruez who was the Spanish governor of the Philippines at that time and the other side is Queen Ysabel II who was a Spanish monarch.

Of course, a must visit is Our Lady of the Rule Parish which is famous for miracles and divine healings. If you want to visit all of these, you can search for Cebu tour packages online. There are a lot of them.