The Advantages of Using Organic Fertilizers

It is very important to add fertilizers to the soil in order to have healthy produce. Growing plants feed on the minerals provided by fertilizers. Minerals that are required by plants include phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, sulphur and so on. The level of nutrients may deplete if the fertilizer is not added to the soil. Organic fertilizers include bone meal; livestock manures and the compost provide soil with all the necessary nutrients. Below are a few advantages of using organic fertilizers:


1. Improved fertility of soil

Organic fertilizers play an important part in improving the quality and structure of the soil. It also offers long term extra advantages for example improved drainage and better water retention. These fertilizers also provide nutrients to the root of the plant. They also feed and sustain microorganisms that are beneficial for the crops, so they are often used to grow organic produce in Brisbane.

2. Lesser risk of getting plant injured

As synthetic fertilizers have high concentrations of nutrients, it can be harmful for young crops and may burn the roots of the plant. Plant damage or burning of plant roots is reduced when using organic fertilizers; it is because they are first broken down my microbes before nutrients are absorbed by the plants.

3. Beneficial of environment

Organic fertilizers take time to break down and get absorbed in to soil; it is also beneficial for environment. It is because chemical fertilizers are water soluble, so the excess fertilizer residue can be mixed with rained water and washed away, eventually ends up in ground water. It is considered that organic fertilizers improve the water retention of soil. Ingredients of organic fertilizers are biodegradable.

These are a few advantages of using organic fertilizers.