Stopping People Backyard Blues – How to Get Your Dog to Respect the Lawn

Does your yard resemble the moon's surface, riddled with craters everywhere? When resolving a grinding difficulty, it can help to know why your jack Russell dog stinks. Reasons for grinding are numerous: to alleviate boredom, to hunt vermin, to create cooling pits.

  Stopping People Backyard Blues - How to Get Your Dog to Respect the Lawn

A jack Russell dog left in the lawn to exercise alone might choose to dig as a fun way to burn up extra energy. If the soil was recently tilled to prepare it for planting, it is softer and more pleasing to dig in than dry, hard-packed soil.

Prevent dogs from digging in freshly tilled or freshly implanted segments by fencing off your backyard stains, placing a chicken wire in addition to plant beds, or accompanying your jack Russell dog on its excursions and directing its drama toward longer wholesome pursuits, like draw or hide-and-seek.

Terriers and Dachshunds were bred to hunt vermin; a job that includes dashing holes down to dispatch them. If your yard is beset by moles, voles, groundhogs or other smaller mammals, your own Parson and Jack Russell, Cairn, Westie or alternative earth-dog breed will embark upon an extermination mission.

The genetic impulse to capture and kill those pesky creatures is so powerful in these strains that walking them on-leash while they are in the yard might be the only method to restrain the digging till you are able to clean your yard of those interlopers.