Some Steps for SEO Oriented Web Design and Web Development

This article shows you information about a type of tips and steps for SEO oriented web design. After reading this article you would be able to get some of the best online solutions for web design and SEO services compatibility. You can also look for Bespoke web design in Yorkshire U.K and meet branding UX design experts to get more details on web designing.

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Here are some great steps for SEO oriented web design.

  • Link Exchange – Back links are a popular way to boost your rankings fast in the search engines. There are 2 types of links in SEO Service.

1) Non Reciprocal Link Exchange

In Non-Reciprocal link Exchange, there is no need to provide a link back to a site in response to his link.

2) Reciprocal Link Exchange

In reciprocal link Exchange if anyone webmaster will give a link from his site to another site then other webmasters have a responsibility to give a back link from website link pages. Give a hypertext for links pages from web site’s home page so links can be easily reciprocated from those links pages.

  • Meta Tags – Select appropriate Title, Description, and Keywords according to the content of that web page.
  • Images Size – Image size is another main thing to design an SEO Oriented website. Select a smaller sized image whenever an image required thus it will not take more time to browse a site.
  • Avoid JavaScript and Flash – Complexity with the two technologies is that the spiders can’t index through them because these take a long time to browse a website. Avoid or restrict the use of these technologies.
  • Articles – Use article content that will not be related to other website content. It will harmful for business purpose website. There are many online companies in Los Angeles which are providing quality work to their clients, you can search for web design Los¬†Angeles and consult with them about your project.

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  • Heading tags – Heading tags from H1 to Hn having significance, most of the search engine spider can simply index the content of web page that having appropriate heading tags.¬†You can also look for various online resources for building a website.
  • Bold/Italic keyword – Select appropriate keyword or links or content of a page as bold or italic or underlined.
  • Alt tag for the image – Use title tag and alt tag for images that are like as description of an image.
  • Anchor tags – Select anchor tag for particular inbound or outbound links from a web page.