Simple Procedure for Removing Your Garage Door

If you want to replace your garage door, you will need to be able to remove the old one without causing any accidents. Well, removing he garage door may be a simple task but also requires one to be very careful. If you need help on this, you could consider seeking information about A1 Garage Door service areas. Well, you may not be able to remove the garage door alone and so it is important to plan of having a helper nearby. What do you need to ensure you can carry this job successfully? You will require adjustable wrench, 2 clamps, socket wrench set, screwdriver, pry bar, pliers as well as a hammer.

It is important to note that garage doors are made of springs that provide the energy needed to lift the door. The door could be made of either torsion spri9ngs or the extension springs. Torsion springs are usually located above upper tacks on either side while torsion springs are usually fixed on the header above a closed door. If your door is made of extension springs, you may be safe removing the door alone. However, if it is made of torsion springs, you should consider seeking help because these springs store too much tension that could lead to accidents.

If your garage door operates on an electric garage door opener, you will need to first unplug it and then proceed to remove it from where it is attached. You can then raise the door and attach clamps on tracks on both sides so that you can remove the springs and avoid the door from rolling down once the springs are disassembled. You will then need the pliers to lift the cables from lower brackets on either side. You can then lower the door once this is done and remove the brackets that hold the door sections together. You should work from top to bottom. Once you have removed all the sections, you can use pry bar and hammer to remove jambs on either side.