Shared History About Football Stadium

It’s not uncommon for two football teams to share a stadium, especially when they come from small towns with limited means. But what if it’s two legendary clubs coming from the same big city of Milan that share the same stadium? Yes, in case you didn’t know the stadium Giuseppe Meazza and San Siro are nothing but the same football stadium. It’s just how the fans choose to call it. But hold on, they have their own reasons to do so. See more on this here.


Historical Name

The name Giuseppe Meazza is a tribute to the player who played for both clubs, Inter and AC Milan. He was also a two times World Cup champion. The stadium was built in the San Siro district in 1925. Its official name was San Siro New Football Stadium . It was years later, in 1947, when Inter Milan shared the stadium with the older club that was when new name Giuseppe Meazza were used.  And until now, you can see both clubs’ history and achievements in the San Siro Museum.


For Your Entertainment

Aside of being a home base for the beloved clubs in Milan, San Siro also hosted a couple concerts and other events. One Direction, Madonna, Michael Jackson are just to name a few celebrities that held their concerts in San Siro. It also held a boxing match in 1960. Until now, the stadium is still actively used for both sports activity and music concerts. The upcoming one is the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final.

The remodeling in 1990 put this stadium as category four in EUFA standard. The capacity record was broken in 1997 in a match between Inter Milan and a German club, Schalke 04, with 83,381 people. That was over two thousand than its actual capacity at 81,000. There’s still no further remodeling plan for the stadium in the near future. It seems like both clubs and their fans are happy with the situation right now. However, there have been rumors that one of the clubs is looking to relocate somewhere else.