Selecting Gear Correctly On an Outboard Motor

Are You Damaging Your Gearbox when Changing Gear?

Clutch Dog Gearboxes

Outboard motors and most stern drive gearboxes (like Mercruiser’s Alpha drives) use a Dog Clutch set up for selecting and shifting gear.

In the event, you choose gear carefully and carefully together with these gearboxes you’ll actually be detrimental the gearbox. You can also click here if you are interested in buying Panasonic servo motor.

Does one hear a grinding or chattering noise when picking forward or reverse gear?

In the event you need to do, something should shift or 1 evening that your diminished apparatus won’t need any drive plus it will constantly jump from gear.

Primarily I will explain how a lower unit/gearbox performs.

They have an input shaft that is driven by the engine or ‘strength mind’. (This input signal shaft is called the drive shaft. Even the driveshaft includes a gear joined to the bottom of the term the Pinion gear. Even the pinion gear is definitely in regular mesh with the forwards and reverse gears.  Navigate to this website If you want additional hints about motor gear.

Whenever the engine is running, the pinion gear is rotating off the forward and reverse gears. Between the forward and inverse gear, there’s the mechanism that chooses gear. This is called the Clutch Dog.

The Clutch canine sits on the propeller shaft that protrudes out the back of the gearbox and drives the propeller. The Clutch canine includes an internal spline that is in constant mesh with the propeller shaft.