Post exercise ice water immersion: Is it a form of active recovery?

Contrast temperature water immersion treatment post-exercise and ice water concentration is quickly becoming a common practice among athletes involved in various activities. 

Many mechanisms have been supply to describe the rationale for the use. However, is still too little data from the sufficiently large-scale trial to aid the routine exercise and proper incorporation into certain sporting tips? We describe here two players who used the treatment post-exercise and presented for the Emergency Department with late onset muscle pain.

If you will head to, you will get to know that Water has been used in several types of treatment and something includes ice-water immersion therapy post-exercise. Going for a post exercise dive into an ice bath at 12–15°C seems to be a common practice among many elite athletes. That is considered to be a training that might reduce muscle pain and pain after games and workout sessions. 

Some players prefer to use comparison water therapy, i.e. alternating immersion in cold and heated water. Many uses either ice bath immersion to get an amount of 5–10 min (sometimes claimed as much as 20 min) or changing therapy between the ice bath plunge and tepid water immersion, each lasting 1–5 min. 

At present, the possible mechanisms postulated for that usage of cold water immersion therapy post-exercise include:

1) With intense exercise, there'll be some microtrauma and tears within the muscle fibers affected. This muscle harm can stimulate muscle fiber activity (hypertrophy within the long term) and facilitate within the repair and strengthening of the muscle. This is often conjointly thought to be the reason for the delayed onset pain and soreness (delayed onset muscle soreness), which regularly presents 12–72 h post exercise.

2) The ice bathtub can cause constriction of blood vessels. This has been recommended as a mechanism that helps with the flushing of waste merchandise, like carboxylic acid, out of the affected tissue. Well, if you want, you can even explore to find more information on ice bath and the upcoming sale of ice bath tubs easily. 

3) With the cold temperature, there'll be a discount of the metabolism and this could cause swiftness down of the physiological processes.

4) The cold temperature can scale back swelling and tissue breakdown.

5) Ice water immersion is additionally same to be able to shift carboxylic acid.