Pests Here, Pests There, Pests Everywhere!

Is your home invaded by the pest army?  And you wonder where were these hidden all the time? Well folks, it is time you know some interesting facts about pests:

  • Cockroaches- They are the ultimate scavengers. Soap, grease, book bind and even hair- they eat just about anything. A female cockroach can produce 10,000 offspring in a year. They run upto speeds of 80 cms/sec. And that is the reason why you were never successful in running after it.


  • Termites- They work all twenty-four hours and never sleep. A colony of termite has nearly one million termites in it and eats upto a thousand pounds of wood each year. For every 15 seconds an egg can be laid by a termite queen. Now you know the reason why the entire termite infested wooden structure becomes hollow and damaged so quickly.
  • Rodents- Their two front teeth keeps growing every day. Their strong teeth help them to gnaw wire, aluminum, glass and lead. They can squeeze in through holes as small as the size of a quarter. House mice carry upto 200 diseases that can infect humans. That is an obvious reason why you might want to get rid of mice from your house.
  • Clothes Moths- They lay about 100-150 eggs on the cloth material which the larvae feeds on. The adult moth does not feed on clothes. With such kind of rapid reproduction you are definitely under the mercy of an efficient pest control service.

Hire the services of a commercial pest control in Brisbane. Don’t aggravate the problem caused by pests.