Oxygen Conserving Device, Electric

The role of electric oxygen conserving device, Electric is vital in increasing the lifespan of the oxygen tank. These respiratory devices help in releasing oxygen from the cylinder only when the patient is breathing. In normal oxygen regulating machines oxygen in let out continuously and this leads to quick consumption of the gas which gets drained in about 1 or 2 hours, but with the use of oxygen conserving device the longevity of the oxygen tank is ensured. These devices ascertain that sufficient and continuous dose of oxygen is delivered. This particular model no. 18900 runs on C type batteries. Health providers prefer this model as their saving ratio is 5:1.

In general there are two types of oxygen conserving devices, pneumatic and electronic. In a pneumatic device batteries are not used. When a patient inhales and exhales backpressure is created that helps move the piston. An electronic oxygen conserving device works on electronic mechanism that regulate oxygen from the tank. It runs on batteries. Scheduling the battery change dates is important for uninterrupted use. Using respiratory machines needs the expert advice of a licensed respiratory therapist. They monitor the blood oxygen level while setting the liter flow. In the oxygen conserving device, electric 18900 a switch helps control one to six liter continuous flow of oxygen.

The latest oxygen conserving device, electric model no. 18900 is portable respiratory medical equipment with auto on/off mechanism with every breath. It is made up of all brass construction ensuring durability and low maintenance. The device uses standard cannula. There is no uniformity in delivering oxygen by all oxygen conserving devices. Each has their own ratio. This is where pulse oximetry comes into play. They can help check adequacy of oxygenation. Conservers can be classified into two categories, the pulsing device that delivers fixed volume per breath and the demand device that delivers variable volume. Careful evaluation of the oxygen conservation device is required to cater to the patient’s needs.

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