Opnet Modeler – A Network Simulation Tool

Optimized Network Engineering Tools (OPNET) is a comprehensive engineering system able to simulation huge communications networks with detailed protocol modeling & performance analysis. OPNET has been designed to provide a comprehensive work surroundings for the network modeler that takes advantage of the sophisticated graphics of engineering workstations. The tools provided by OPNET from a tightly-integrated system with the following principle features. For more help visit http://web.scalable-networks.com/content/stratcom-cyber-warfare-training-platform.

Domain Specific, Hierarchical Models -OPNET is designed specifically for the development & analysis of communications networks, & provides extensive detail not obtainable in simpler resource-based simulation packages.

Models of network hardware & program are hierarchically structured, allowing extensive reuse of developed models in different simulations. Graphical Specification of Models – Wherever feasible, specifications are entered graphically with specialized editors. These editors provide an efficient medium for design capture by a consistent set of modem user interface methods such as mouse-driven menus & icons.

Automatic Simulation Generation – OPNE! reduces the work necessary to create a simulation by providing an efficient event-driven simulation kernel, libraries of communications building blocks, & compilers which take the design specification & automatically generate an executable simulation. The extensive program development system usually associated with complex system simulation is thus drastically reduced.

 Analysis Tool – Design debugging, evaluation, & trade-off analysis need huge volumes of simulation results to be interpreted by the engineer. A set of analysis tools & an interactive debugger provide sophisticated knowledge reduction techniques to summarize simulation results in to basically interpreted graphical form, & to monitor model behavior in detail.