Most Common Sauces In Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is known for its unique blend of different tastes, and its ability to bring together unusual ingredients and contrasting flavours. One aspect of the unique taste is the various sauces that are used in all sorts of Thai dishes. Look no further than this guide to walk you through some of these amazing sauces.

Courtesy-Simple Comfort Food

  • Nam jim

Melbourne CBD Thai restaurants most commonly have a sweet chilli sauce, called nam jim. Its main ingredients include sweet chilies, vinegar, hot chilies, and garlic. Usually, this is served with chicken. It also comes in a seafood variation, with an addition of lime juice, palm sugar and cilantro, served especially with grilled seafood.

  • Thai Sriracha

Sriracha has become an inherent part of cuisines all around the world. This is hot sauce, or chili sauce, made using chili peppers as the main ingredient. Vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic are used for seasoning. This is used as a condiment for spring rolls and fried or egg noodles, or even as a dipping sauce for seafood.

  • Nam phrik

Nam phrik, or in particular a roasted nam phrik sauce gets its flavour from grilled vegetables. These vegetables are grilled over charcoal and chopped, and then mixed with various chilies, such as banana chilies, onions and garlic, and in some cases with added tomatoes.

  • Massaman Curry Sauce

This is one of the oldest sauces in Thai cuisine, which is served with dishes that include beef, turkey, chicken or pork or even tofu. What sets it apart is that it uses cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, cloves and many other herbs, other than spices, creating a unique flavour.

Use these sauces to add flavour to your life!