Mineral Make and your Sensitive Skin

Mineral make up has become a large part of the cosmetic industry. Though traditional make up is still a dominant part, mineral make up is slowly catching up. Generally, mineral make up is manufactured from minerals like iron oxide, zinc, titanium oxide and talc. All these raw materials are ground into minute particles before they are manufactured.

Does Mineral Make up Benefit Skin?

Dermatologists generally recommended mineral make up because it does not irritate the skin and goes well with all skin types. Mineral make up is generally beneficial for the skin because it contains little to no irritants.  It is great for sensitive skin and for those who have gone through cosmetic surgery. There are companies like ECO Minerals USA that have excellent quality mineral makeup brands.


Experts believe that because mineral makeup contains fewer ingredients and are free from additives like chemical dyes and scents, they are better for the skin.

Mineral Make up and Acne

People who suffer from acne normally often have breakouts on their skin caused by excessive make up use. Generally, acne is aggravated by oils or preservatives, which is why those who use too much make up are prone to acne breakouts. Make up clogs skin pores further aggravating the skin. Mineral make up is not comedogenic, meaning it does not allow blackheads to form on the skin. It is also oil free.

Mineral make up is an excellent choice especially for those with sensitive skin. It is a safe product to prevent and heal acne. It is not heavy on the skin, so, it allows the skin to breathe.