Men Think They Need To Have More Muscle To Get Babes – But Are They Wrong?

Some men exercise so they can be healthy, others do it so they can increase their athletic performance, and then there are those who do it because they want to look good naked and be attractive to women. There are numerous reasons to exercise, but let's just focus on the last reason; because you want to become an Adonis and be physically irresistible to women.

Men often have a much different idea of the kind of body type that women find attractive than what women actually are attracted to. They think women dig huge bulky bodybuilders, but this surprisingly isn't the truth. Take a look at any magazine for women, and you will see the truth. Women like muscle, yes, but not the kind that crushes them when they are held. They find the muscle freaks intimidating.

It goes without saying that women love the v-shape. They want to see strong, broad shoulders with a narrow, lean waist. Strong lats fill in the v-shape from the shoulders to the torso. This look can be achieved by following a regular weight-lifting program and by watching what you eat. Losing excess fat off of the torso is essential. With the right program, this can be achieved.