McGregor vs Mayweather Rematch Unlikely To Happen

The mega fight between top fighters Mayweather and McGregor is just several weeks away to happen that right now their world tour just ended. They are dated to face off in the ring on the 26th of August and with that all in the line the McGregor vs Mayweather tickets are vending like hot pancakes. On the same note, because of how well the world press conference tour ended, both promoters are positive that their PPV buy rate will drastically increase. That is a very positive sign on top of the tickets that are going to be sold out to fans who are going watching it live.

Everything is more than a hype that although the fight is scheduled to end in 12 rounds, McGregor promised his fans that the fight is not going to take more than 4 rounds and he will definitely knockout as well Mayweather. The 4-day world tour was more than entertaining not just to them but to the fans as well that there have been remarks thrown McGregor wanting a rematch after their fight with Mayweather but this time it is going to happen in the UFC Octagon. A feat that excites the fans and another crossover will be more entertaining. UFC President Dana White felt that it is unlikely that a Mayweather McGregor rematch is going to happen and not in the octagon. Definitely, it will be an obvious upset on the Mayweather team and with that given idea Mayweather are not going to take chances and they are going to regret; it is an obvious win to McGregor. Dana White emphasized that they are going to stick to the contract and what is already laid in the plan, still highlighting about a rematch not going to happen anytime soon and that their fans just in the hype of excitement of the mega fight.