Maximize Energy Efficiency and Comfort With Air Duct

Your air ducts are, by and large, concealed from view, so that it can be easy to overlook how important they are to your heating and air conditioning systems. But, faulty ducts can be a massive contributor to high energy bills and may also result in unfortunate health problems for you and your loved ones.

Learn what specific problems can arise from less than perfect air ducts, and the way your community HVAC contractor can help you to get things back on the right path.

Your air ducts are the channels through which your heating and cooling systems circulate air throughout your property. Rigid air ducts can be created from a sheet metal frame, which is then insulated.

You can also become flexible ductwork, which is typically made from flexible plastic layered over a metallic wire coil. Since your ductwork allows air to travel through your house, your air ducts are very important to keeping your indoor air quality in addition to your thermal comfort.

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When there’s something amiss with your ducts, you might realize that your indoor air quality isn’t as great as it was. This issue can manifest itself through numerous medical problems, including frequent headaches, allergies, and various respiratory troubles.

If your home energy bills are gradually creeping higher and higher, this may also be a sign that there’s a problem with your ducts. If your air ducts are either faulty or badly installed or if they have developed leaks or holes as time passes, the warm or cool air that flows through them won’t all be getting where it needs to go.