Little Tikes Toddler Beds & Cheap Toddler Bed Sale

Little Tikes race car bed, quite rare in this country from USA. Can set the mattress at 2 different heights, good condition with a few light scratches. It is so perfect for both of my kids. They enjoy using it to complete homework, to draw and paint, and even to eat on. I have it in the upstairs part of our home so it gets a lot of use and it is nice to have a table and chairs upstairs for the kids. My 3 year old daughter especially likes that this table and the chairs are small and easy for her to get onto and to get off of.

Some cribs convert into toddler beds but if you did not purchase one of these beds you will need to find and purchase a toddler bed. Little Tikes toddler beds come in great styles and designs that will keep your child safe and make them want to go to bed. With attention to detail and realistic designs for ages 2 and up, you will be able to find just what you are looking for in a child's bed.

We have had our Little Tikes Jr Jump‘N Slide Inflatable Bouncer for about a month and not only were they ecstatic when we got it and bounced until we made them stop to eat, bathe and sleep, but they have asked to bounce every day since with the only exception being when we were out of town. My 3 year old loved the gift, and my 5 year old thinks he is the luckiest kid around since he gets to enjoy the gift just as much as she does!

Ha – check out this Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed! We just couldn't go past this one, but we can't help wondering if this one is for the Jeep loving Dads out there, or whether your little boy want it more! The Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed is a realistic bed sized model of a Jeep Wrangler, including the red paint scheme, and the working tail lights. This  Jeep Wrangler Toddler Bed has been really well designed with lots of storage space under the bed, and a spare tire to store all those special toys that kids need to put away.

With Chick running after Lightning McQueen in the headboard of the Disney Pixar Cars Wooden toddler bed, any tot will have all the right motivation to go to bed earlier than usual. The boxy design of the Cars bed gives it an unusually stable and durable platform. The side decals follow the sleek lines of Lightning McQueen which is reminiscent of his exploits in Radiator Springs. Unfortunately, Mater, Doc, Red, and Sally are nowhere in the picture. It would have been a real blast to see these other characters as well as Luigi and Guido.