Is Your Greenhouse Eco-Friendly?

If you grow vegetables or fruits in your greenhouse, you should make your greenhouse eco-friendly. The greenhouse is a great way for a garden lover to grow healthy and nutritious vegetables or fruits. Becoming an organic or natural gardener is a great practice.

You can save the environment and a lot of energy by building a greenhouse and growing your own food. The same food you wish to buy from a grocery store is grown in greenhouses miles away.

From that, it is shipped on a truck which requires more energy. Preserving the items in cool place also need energy and your trip to the store take even more energy!

So think of this and start building your own greenhouse and save energy.You can get more info on eco-friendly greenhouse process via

If you think to use your greenhouse in the colder months, it will need more energy in the form of heat and additional light. You can’t cut down on both and demand to grow healthy plants. However, you can cut on your bills by rising insulation in cool months and use lower energy supplemental light. Adding a cover of bubble wrap at night can decrease the heating needs.

Another way to prevent heat loss is to keep the glass clean so maximum sunlight can pass through the greenhouse during the day. Make sure to get rid of any moss or algae if your greenhouse has a fiberglass roof, it should be kept clean.

Close and seal any holes and make sure the door fits well. If you have poly sheeting on the walls, put an another layer under the studs so there is an air space to block heat loss.You can also buy greenhouse water recycling & treatment to maintain your greenhouse.

As the plants are growing inside, so they do not get any rainwater, setting up a rainwater collection from your roof will help in watering plants as required. Rainwater is much better to use than tap water since it does not have chlorine. Also, fix some gutters to let the rainwater pass outside the greenhouse.