Is Forskolin For Weight Loss A Marketing Gimmick Or A Scientifically Proven Product?

Obesity has become one of the biggest challenges in the 21st century. With the health risks increasing by the day, the sedentary and hectic lifestyle of first world nations and the ever growing fast food make it difficult for people to lose weight using dieting alone. This is the reason why consumers are turning to drugs and supplements in order to fight excess weight. The market is flooded with new products that promises a quick fix and they range from metabolic influencers, suppressants and absorption blockers.

Forskolin extract has been scientifically proven to enhance lean body mass and stimulate the loss of fat. This product is new in the weight loss market. It is able to bind fat molecules that take up the food, this weight loss supplement reduces fat absorption through the intestine. It has also been proven that many people compensate for stress by eating, but pure forskolin has a mood lightening substance that breaks this cycle. Evidence that pure forskolin is able to suppress food cravings has been proven by a few studies already, has more information about this.

A feeling of fullness is induced by dietary fibers in the supplement this is achieved by deceiving the hypothalamus with fake information about high blood glucose levels and it turn helps to suppress hunger. Forskolin's efficacy has been proven in pre-clinical and small clinical studies. Further studies are expected to be released in the near future. Preliminary studies and information about forskolin for weight loss is encouraging. Obese people may want to give this product a try.