Implementing an Effective Fleet Safety Program

There is a fact that traffic related vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work related fatalities.  If you are also into fleet related business, are you doing all you in terms of fleet safety? Well, if you have not yet.  I have an effective feet safety program for you.

There are 7 factors of an effective fleet safety program:

  • Management support
  • Driver Selection
  • Qualification
  • Driving Training
  • Supervision
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • ZenduCam
  • Accident Investigation

Most of the time management does not either make the commitment or provide their support which leads to the failure of this program. A business should have a policy which should include the safety of the fleet.

Selecting a driver and his qualification is another important factor in this program. Make sure you are choosing the right person for the job. You should make sure that each and every driver fills out an application. You must ask about the prior driving experience of the driver. Make sure that there is a section about having a drug test. Lastly, make sure you check references. In terms of driver training, one thing you should do it find out what type of training insurance company provides. In most of the cases, the insurance company would not provide training to an individual driver, but they will take a class of all of your employees designated to run fleet safety program.