How to turn off/on auto download media in whatsapp

Everybody is aware of whatsapp it is the most popular android and iOS application by which you can share images and videos and other media as well as you can chat with your friends/family or coworkers.

We may get many pictures and videos from our whatsapp friends and in our joined group. Some times we don't want to download the media files automatically.So in this post i am going to show you how to play with auto download setting.If you already knows about all these you can visit marathi status if you like updating your whatsapp status in marathi.

Auto Download all Media

There are few option in media download like you can choose for auto downloading all media in which you dont need to download any media files manually.Whenever some of your friend send the message the file will automatically start download in auto download feature,

Auto Download Only Images

Sometime you may need to download only images and not video because video consumes more data and also you might not have any intrest in video.

Auto Download when in wifi

In this feature your media will get download automatically whenever your phone comes in a wifi connection

No auto download

In the No auto download media your recived media files wont start download untill you click on them to download.