How to Stop Cats from Spraying Indoors?

A few months back, I used to struggle a lot with my cats. I was clueless about how to stop cats from spraying indoors. I used to run around my city talking to one cat specialist after another. I didn’t spare veterinarians either. I met more than 10 veterinarians in the city in just week. My cats spraying indoors made me go crazy. Just as I loved my cats, I loved my house too. Particularly, I loved my carpet and my cats used to spray on it. After talking to cat specialists and veterinarians in the city, I started experimenting with various methods suggested by them on how to stop cats from spraying indoors. Of the many methods I tried, I found reasonable success with just 2 methods.

The first method involves the usage of Feliway spray. It is nothing but a spray which contains a pheromone that is unique among cats. The smell of this spray produced a soothing effect on the cats in my house. This in turn brought down the frequency at which my cats sprayed indoors.

The other method is the litter box method which is already quite popular. It is a straightforward method which forces the cats to spray inside the box. Technically, this still means that the cats are spraying indoors. But, at least they are not damaging the household equipment.