How To Market Commercial Real Estate For Sale Or Lease

In the profit-making real estate, the leasing of property can be quite a special issue. It can also be said that the leasing process can give you as a manager a good stream of substitute commissions when the real estate sales market is slow.

If leasing is to be part of your income and specialized services as an agent, you should take the time to understand the special issues and components of a good lease negotiation from a landlord perspective. One can also go through Commercial Real Estate and Business for Sale via Property HQ online.

To work in this section of the property market with some achievement, you must know the strategies and the tools to use. Here are some ideas to help you:

Understand the client’s focus and property intentions. A landlord client may want to hold the property for the long or the short term. They may also have intentions of property expansion, contraction, or redevelopment. When you know what the landlord wants of their property you can match the rental and the lease discussions to it.

Services and facilities will vary when it comes to property location and type. Occupants today can be very difficult when it comes to the standards that they require of the property. Importantly the property should be well maintained so that the tenant mix is stable and not threatened by vacancy.

Property improvements will suit a tenant type; that then has an impact on your selection of tenants in the tenant mix. Know what the property offers by way of improvements and then match those facts to the leasing strategy that you adopt.