How to choose the best basement dehumidifier

How to choose the best basement dehumidifier

How difficult to live and work, experiencing a discomfort. The best portable dehumidifiers will help you to create a comfortable environment for living and working, normalize microclimate, purify the air. Selection of the portable dehumidifier depends on the amount and purpose of the room where the appliance is installed, and the technical characteristics of the climate control device.

By the method of air drying dehumidifiers are divided into assimilation, adsorption and condensation models. The first method is based on the warm air ventilation when moist air is replaced with drier. The disadvantage of this method is necessity to constantly move large masses of air flows. Absorbent dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air by its special substances – sorbents. The disadvantage of this method is necessity to periodically change the sorbents. Condensing dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the air by condensing it with cooling air. The best basement dehumidifier is operating at high temperature and humidity.

According to the type of use, dehumidifiers are divided into three groups: domestic, semi-industrial and industrial air dryers. Domestic dehumidifiers are low-power devices up to 50 pints per day of moisture removed, for use in residential and residential buildings: apartments, garages, basements, baths. Basically, these portable dehumidifiers are compact, do not require special skills during assembly. When selecting such a device pay attention to the volume of the device, since the operation noise will not add a comfort to your life. Choose a design that the device is perfectly fit into your interior. Half air dryers generally installed in public buildings, such as swimming pools, gyms, libraries, where it is necessary to drain the large volume of air. Such dehumidifiers are designed to remove up to 300 pints per day.

Ask, how is economical a dehumidifier, if it has an energy-saving rotary compressor. Find out whether there is a protection against corrosion on the heat exchanger. Industrial dehumidifiers are used in warehouses of raw materials and finished products companies associated with food, chemical and wood industry. Learn about the health of the device during the day, choosing an industrial dehumidifier, how it behaves in the long, clock work. Specify, Check whether the device replacement filters and sensors to maintain the desired humidity.