Horror Can Be Very Entertaining

Horror films have changed dramatically from years ago. In super producer Ryan Murphy's latest series, a satirical look at sorority life is filtered through the lens of a 20-year-old mystery lurking at Anytown, U.S.A.'s Wallace University. The series boasts an entire pledge-class worth of young starlets including Murphy muse Emma Roberts (American Horror Story: Coven, Freak Show, and the upcoming Hotel).

The modern era has definitely added more drama and fashion statements to the new age horror films, which is a great change! It's clear Scream Queens clothes are going to help the show have a very strong identity. The designer pieces are bound to contribute very greatly to that, but so, too, will the choices the actresses, Emma Roberts and Lea Michelle to name two, have in both script and clothing.

Writer Brad Falchuck gives his characters the freedom and space to make their characters unique as long as they are consistent which is a amazing thing. Most writers want you to play out their vision down to the clothes that they envisioned for certain scenes. Horror films nowadays such as Scream Queens have story lines and the characters are made into personas that the audience can relate to.

The Scream Queens script is reminiscent of older horror films such as Misery, which was a great movie but fashion was the last thing one remembered in that film. Scream Queens clothes are very fashionable, they wear high end designers such as Christian Siriano, which appeals to most females. Making the series in a form of a drama as well as horror story is an awesome writing concept as well that will hook viewers.

Learning the characters and not knowing what is going to happen next with them is the thing that is the most appealing about most horror films/series. The fact that the characters are realistic and believable is the best part and when they get killed or kill is the exciting and entertaining part that keeps the audience coming back for more.