Heart Doilies with Christmas Lights for Valentine’s Day

Everyday we show love to the special people in our lives by helping them in any way we can. But Valentine's Day is the most significant day in which people show love by making attractive Valentine’s day decorations or by giving special dedication gifts. It is much more desirable and appreciated if a decoration item or a gift is created by your own hands to give a more personal touch to it. An example of these creations is a heart doily with Christmas lights.

Christmas and Valentine's Day are two of the most celebrated days of the year. Valentine decorations could be created with the touch of Christmas. Heart Doilies are made by folding and cutting different kinds of paper sheets. Fold the paper several times to make long chains of hearts or shapes. Then cut the folded paper into a heart shape by cutting convex arc from the triangle that would become as the top of the heart. Then to create the lower half part of the heart, cut the bottom from left to right of the triangle. Remember to leave a portion intact on the right edge with at least ¼ inch in length. You can then attach the doilies to the Christmas lights to finish your project of making heart doilies with Christmas lights.