Few Fun Facts about Limousine Services

Within just the last few many years, limousines have become well-accepted and are widely-used due to their enjoyment fascinating look. Have you ever thought that what is the origin and reason lurking behind its name? Limousine is a famous region of France and its residents once wore a specific style clock to shield themselves from the hard weather. That hood resembled the automobile with the top that extends towards driver's compartment. This vehicle was called limousine and referred as limo in the present era. To hire the luxury car service in Seattle at affordable prices you can click right over it.

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What was the Size of old Limousines?

Now, there are many colors, sizes and types of limousine available that can be used for special occasions or even just for per evening out with friends. Again in the day when the limousine size was not more than a hundred and twenty inch. That makes just 10 feet. It was not that there were not enough companies that may have thought of so that it is a bit longer. The reason why it was only 120 inches long was the defined safety control and standards. Although many companies intended to do so but in those days, it was prohibited.

The 10 years of Stretch Limo Earliest stretch limousine was built in 1928. It was specially made to cater to a top musical strap of time named "Big Band". After that company arrived in the competition of making the best and comfortable limousine to make their name.