Elder Law Issues To Be Considered For Your Parents

There is a variety of elder law issues that we need to should discuss with our elderly parents and our siblings because it would have a profound impact on everyone's future. Some of the common elder law issues are as follows:

1) Mobility Issues

Issues such as whether your mother or father still has a driver's license are termed as mobility issues. If you are concerned that they shouldn't be driving, you need to make sure that you have alternative arrangements available to them. Have a peek at http://www.lawbh.com/, to have more info on the estate plan.

So that they don't lose their independence. If they aren't ready to give up their driver's licenses, try to influence them. Remind them that if they are injured or they kill someone, they need a help of a litigation lawyer to defend them and they could face steep penalties.

2) Will and Estate Issues:

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These issues include drawing up a current will and discussing whether they want to establish a trust for their heirs or not. There are several complex issues to take into consideration, particularly if your mother or father has a significant inheritance they will be leaving behind, so take the time to consult with probate attorneys who can draw up the appropriate documents.

3) Long Term and End-of-Life Care Concern

There are several issues that you need to discuss once your parents get older. You need to sit with your parents and discuss where they want to live when they are unable to care themselves, what their funeral arrangements are, and who should manage their money and property if they are incapacitated. Power of Attorney, Advance Directives and other options should be reviewed and discussed.

It's never easy to discuss all these things but it it important to do so especially when your parent are growing older.