Designing for an outdoor deck


Oh that woody fragrance in ones backyard, do you want that too?

Nothing is more classy and timeless than an outdoor wooden deck be it in teak, mahogany, rosewood or many more.

Timber decking in Brisbane is highly popular however composite decks are also upcoming in a major way.

Mostly decks are thought of to be at the back of the house which acts as an extension or a pathway to connect to another building; however decks are also constructed at the front of many homes which acts as an appealing welcome for guests.

Types of deck to choose from

Based on what you have in mind and the budget you have set for yourself you could choose from various options. A small and cozy deck or a large and lavish option with a poolside and patios could be incorporated. Also one could use it for an outdoor cooking purpose by getting an outdoor oven built or for gardening purposes at the same time it could be used for fountains and a poolside or a jacuzzi.

A deck need not be for any purpose in particular but may add to a space to unwind and relax. Many a times the space at home might feel too crammed thus a beautiful deck may be a getaway.

Reconstructing and maintenance of decks

A previously constructed deck maybe losing its charm and hence a little upliftment of the deck like polishing, repairing chipped wood, or adding a few new fixtures and equipment can also be done.

So don't waste time because your home is an extension of you and needs personality too.