Dealing With Soap Scum In Your Bathroom

If you have noticed soap scum buildup in your bathroom, then it maybe a good time to think about installing a water softener.  A water softener works by removing minerals and other contaminants from your water, which are the main causes of soap scum buildup.  While reading the many water softener reviews can certainly help, you also need to at least know your water quality before deciding on which water softener you should buy.  The easiest way to get a good idea of your tap water quality, is by purchasing a water testing kit at your local hardware store.  You should try to find a kit that allows you to send a small vial of water to a laboratory to have it professionally tested.

After you get your water test results back and know the hardness of your homes water, then you can start looking at the various water softeners.  There are two main types of water softeners, ones that utilize salt to clean pellets and salt-less water softeners which work by pushing water through a citric acid membrane.  The main thing you will want to consider when looking at water softeners is the warranty on the tank and major components, as well as the capacity of the units.