Conor McGregor simply consented to change glove sizes for his Floyd Mayweather fight

Extreme Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Conor McGregor is forsaking his post at 155 pounds to attempt his fortunes in the "sweet science," graciousness of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight on Sat., Aug. 26, 2017 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Watch the most recent trailer for their Showtime pay-per-see (PPV) here. 

In any case, while the first understanding called for 10-ounce gloves, Mayweather as of late appealed to McGregor to have the size downsized to eight ounces. 

"We should battle in 8 oz gloves," Mayweather composed on Instagram. "I'll be wearing 8oz. Allow gloves. McGregor can battle in any brand he lean towards or picks. Whatever favorable position McGregor needs to feel more great in the ring, I'm willing to suit." 

Gloves utilized as a part of blended combative techniques (MMA) extend in the vicinity of four and six ounces, while boxing gloves can go as low as eight ounces and as high as 20 ounces; nonetheless, anything underneath 147 pounds is limited to eight ounces in "Wrongdoing City." 

Since Mayweather versus McGregor is being challenged at 154 pounds, that may require marks from the people at Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), seeing as how contracts have just been agreed upon. 

Not that McGregor cares. 

"Pick whatever size gloves you need also little man," the Irishman composed on Instagram. "I battle with 4oz. I don't give a f*ck about the span of the glove. I am coming run at you with blocks. Realize that. Weak hands." 

Of course, this is presumably simply one more path for Mayweather to plug his present support. 

McGregor couldn't care less what any other person considers him or his odds. "I'm marginal crazy," he has conceded. "I don't think about whatever else and couldn't care less about whatever else. Battle is my life. This is all that involves my chance. I'm crazy to it. I've lost my brain doing this."