Cody and Moose Creek

You probably think that coming to Cody is a good idea for a change – after all, you need to recharge your energy and your mental clarity after being busy with your hectic schedule. Sure, coming to Cody will be a great choice because you can really enjoy your time. You will have a double pleasant moment if you choose the right lodging for you. If you really want to feel the traditional atmosphere of the town, go to Moose Creek lodging and suites – you will know the difference.


About Moose Creek

If you expect the Moose Creek lodging to be grandeur, big, or catchy, you will be disappointed because the lodging is nothing of the sort. The lodging is pretty simple although the premise is quite big and wide. The structure itself only consists of a two-story building – so ditch the idea that it will be tall like most hotels in the big cities. Moose Creek Lodge and Suites


Despite the simplicity, you can still expect some modern facilities in the lodging. You can find a swimming pool, the internet connection, modern rooms complete with the amenities, and also tea and coffee bar. The structure of the lodging may be traditional and rather old-school but there is a pleasant hint of modernity there (no too much, just enough) to make you feel warm and somewhat homey. There won’t be any cheese feeling as if you were staying in a cheap hotel in a slum area. On the contrary, staying in Moose Creek seems exclusive in its own simplicity. You will definitely love it!


The Nice Location

The lodging is also located in a perfect spot, allowing guests to visit any places of interest they like. There is a town  park across the street and there is a coffee shop next door. There are also souvenir shops three blocks away – and you can always go there on foot without fuss. Moose Creek Lodge and Suites