Big Guns Of The Boer War

The key weapon of the Boers that left a large difference was that the mythical LONG TOM. The 155mm Creosote gun made this nickname (given from the British) because of because of the very long barrel and its own long shooting range.

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President Paul Kruger wasn’t so happy with this title, but it soon became a favorite word on everyone’s lips and there was nothing he can do about it. You can check out to visit various gun shows.

Kruger imported these firearms from Schneider & Co from Creosote (France) from 1886, chiefly to function as fortress firearms to guard the town of Pretoria from enemy attacks.

Every one of those four Long Toms ordered has been provided complete with 8000 shells. This was a superb fortress gun since when raised, the 94 pound (42,6 lb) cubes could fire in a distance of approximately 11 000 yards (10 154 m), that was the longest assortment of any gun being used throughout this time.  Recoil goes together with a hefty firing power.

To maintain the huge gun set up after a shooter it needed to be mounted on a unique base plate using the wheels straightened.

Afterward during one of those wars that the Boers used these bits in activity with no base plate, which ship the gun running backward for 40 meters. The Boers then recognized this is a fantastic approach to use when they should escape quickly.