Are Scuba Diving Lessons Available In The Whitsunday Islands?

There is this belief that when you go to the Whitsunday Islands in order to scuba dive you need to know how to practice this activity. That is definitely not the case. In fact, there are many that travel to the Whitsunday Islands in order to learn how to scuba dive thanks to services like those offered by There are many interesting scuba diving academies that will give you access to packages that combine scuba diving trips with lessons. At the same time, such opportunities are even available for beginners that simply book through resorts or through travel agencies. You just have to let people know that you cannot scuba dive and an instructor will teach you when you are on-site.

In the event that you do not actually know that you are going to go scuba diving in the Whitsunday Islands and you just decide to take advantage of this opportunity when you are there, make sure that you look for those day trips that include guidance. In most cases there will be someone that will come with you but that does not mean that you are guaranteed the service will be available with every scuba diving package. Always ask ahead.