All About Light Microscopes

The word “light microscope” is a common word that requires a bit of explanation. Just about all microscopes use a light source to illumine the specimen or sample. This is why they are known as light microscopes.

There are numerous kinds of light microscopes containing compound microscopes, simple optical microscopes, digital and stereo microscopes.  You can also look for best stereo microscope by visiting

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Light microscopes have fluctuating stages of magnification obtainable. With the exclusion of the stereomicroscope, these normally have a magnification choice somewhere between 30X and 1600X.

The stereo microscopes have a decrease magnification assortment of involving 20X and 200X on account of the simple fact they’re used primarily to examine the surfaces of larger specimens.

In brief, here’s a list of those sections of a light microscope.

  1. The foundation is simply that: a foundation that the microscope stands on and enables it to be free status.
  2. The point is where the sample or specimen slide is set. There are two metal clips which hold the slide in place.

3.  On the point is a little opening at the heart called an aperture?  The sample is located on the aperture for watching and is held from the clip kid the stage.