7 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

Having trouble with keeping makeup radiant all day long? Mineral makeup brands are your saviors! Here are a few reasons to why we say so:

Courtesy: fashionadorable

1. The wonder of adding minerals

Minerals work miracles in sun exposure. Much of these products are water resistant. They give full coverage for long-lasting freshness.

2. Moisturizer – I’d be nothing without you!

Now that you have shifted to all that is mineral, skin moisture is important. Hydrated skin gets the best results when products containing minerals are applied.

3. Lip caring is a good deed

You may think lip exfoliation is enough care but it isn’t. Powdering the lips prior to applying your favorite shade keeps your lipstick on for hours.

4. There, there, primer is here

Prime the areas of the face you want highlighted till the end of your day. This helps keep it all in place!

5. Eye do care

Use an eye primer to prevent the eyeshadow from becoming cakey. Despite friction, the eyeliner also stays in place.

6. Remember: powder, not cream

A powdered blush is more preferred if you want a firm makeup. Dust the cheek region with a fluffy brush to make it natural.

7. Top it off with a spray!

Once you’re done, use a facial mist to set the makeup on the skin. This makes the minerals adhere with more power than before.

Remember, the lesser you do it, the better you can tinker with it.