5 Tools to Bring With You before Getting Stuck in Sand, Snow, or Mud

What if your vehicle gets stuck in deep mud, snow or sand while you are traveling? If you don’t have proper gear or tools to extricate yourself from the marsh, you are most likely to lag behind in your travel. Under such circumstances it is essential that you keep your utensils close. Here are five tools you should bring with you before getting stuck in sand, snow or mud.

Courtesy: wonderhowto

1. A shovel

Use a foldable shovel instead of a garden shovel. It is a more efficient tool. If you get stuck, the best solution is to scoop away the mire.

2. Hi-lift jack

A hi-lift jack is the most efficient form of tool. This tool can be used to lift the tire. Once you have lifted the tire, you should place a piece of cardboard or mat underneath it.

3. Snow chains

Nowadays snow chains have helped in making driving easier. These chains secure the tires completely. It keeps the tire stationary. A central cord tightens everything up.

4. Carpet or a cardboard

As soon as you remove the mire away from the tires, place a piece of carpet or thick cardboard in front of the tires. The next step is to accelerate your car.

5. Winch

A winch machine for cable pulling can be helpful. Make sure you attach the cable to an anchor point such as a tree or a boulder.

Remember to bring these tools to safeguard your journey!